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Everything you need to know about A7 Guitar Tuition

A7 Guitar Tuition have over a decade of experience teaching guitar lessons in <? echo $s_lo; ?> A7 Guitar Tuition has been teaching guitar lessons for over a decade , teaching guitar students young and old, everything from music reading and guitar theory to practical guitar skills and guitar maintenance and repair.

Trained by Leicester collage's Access To Music - Contemporary Popular Music as well as studio and live recoding and performance. A7 Guitar Tuition's guitar tutors are qualified and experienced in all things music.

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Access to Music Trained              Code of Practice Member              Member of the Musicians Union              CRB Checked              Rock School Grade Tutor

What to expect at A7 Guitar Tuition

Each musician's journey is different, A7 Guitar Tuition taylor yours to suit where you want to end up. Our lessons are a mixture of music reading and guitar theory, practical guitar skills and guitar maintenance and repair.

You set the pace, learning the songs you want to play and the guitar skills you need.

Whether you're interested in topping up you guitar knowledge or learning to play the guitar from scratch A7 Guitar Tuition have what you need!

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